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Section: Badalo-Teianenc Airclub
Sub-Section: Videos and fotos

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My little Bingo (Il Fratellino) in "El Vellón" (Madrid).


Musical Photomontage Video. Background music is not the tittle that appears in the final credits in order to avoid any copyright issues.

9,3 Mb

44,6 Mb

Our friend Sebastià flying.


Recorded at Moià (El Prat).

19,6 Mb

122,4 Mb

Lively day at Moià El Prat.


Aircarft parking area.

1,4 Mb


Enjoy flying at Hostalrich.


Wingtip camera recording.

66,9 Mb

671,9 Mb

Turbulence at Hostalric.


Flying onboard Jeroni's Tecnam P96G. Very turbulent air in Hostalric due to strong western wind (mechanical turbulence).

65,2 Mb

149,0 Mb

A small camera mess, a big camera shake.


Small demo of how to record a video "the hard way".

9,0 Mb

177,0 Mb

"La Cafetereta" arrives!!!!


Our Savannah EC-XNP, "La Cafetereta", arrives to Palafolls from Totana.

37,6 Mb

241,0 Mb

While I have fun... the viewer gets bored.


A video very, very, very long and very, very, very boring but ... what can I do? I had a great time. Background music is not the tittle that appears in the final credits in order to avoid any copyright issues.

116,8 Mb

1296,76 Mb

On the way to Hostalric along the Arbúcies stream valley.


Approach to runway 13 Hostalric along the Arbúcies stream valley withwesterly blowing winds... lots of turbulence due to the mountain on the right.

28,0 Mb

309,2 Mb

A drone view of EC-XNP "La Cafetereta".


Recorded with "Escamot Barretina UAV"'s DJI S-900 hexacopter at Palafolls (PRAIR) aerodrome.

35,1 Mb

357,7 Mb

Floating in the air.
Not available in "webm" format


"Aérostier" Jordi Solergibert's gift to our senses, a fligh petting the trees... This calm feeling only occasionallydisturbed by the fiery breath of the burners.
Available in "mp4" format only


2,9 Mb
Només disponible en format "mp4", clickeu aquí.



Funny editing of a flight at Palafolls.

7,1 Mb

69,3 Mb